Call for Participants: 2nd Northeast Asia Training Course for University Lectures on International Humanitarian Law

イベント 24/06/2019

Lecture session at the Korea University, 2018   ©S. Bae/ICRC


The Korea University School of Law and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are organizing the “2nd Northeast Asia Training Course for University Lecturers on International Humanitarian Law (IHL)”, 20-23 August 2019, at the Korea University’s Seoul Campus in the Republic of Korea.


This 4-day training course is intended to enhance capacity of university lecturers and professors from Northeast Asian countries (Republic of Korea, China, Mongolia, Japan) to teach IHL and raise awareness about IHL contemporary challenges. The course will therefore tackle both substantive and pedagogical aspects.


This training course will bring together renowned scholars and practitioners of international law and IHL in particular, from the Northeast Asia region and beyond. IHL practitioners and ICRC speakers will also contribute to the course.


The following topics will be covered in the course:

  • The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: ICRC and Korean National Red Cross
  • Understanding and Engaging on IHL: Why Does It Matter?
  • Classification of Situations
  • Personal Scope of Application of IHL
  • Conduct of Hostilities
  • IHL and Human Rights
  • Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict
  • Digital Developments and Armed Conflict
  • The Missing
  • Detention in Armed Conflict
  • Individual Criminal Responsibility under Domestic and International Law
  • Studying and Teaching IHL: Challenges, Materials and Methodologies


Group shot of participants, 2018 ©S. Bae/ICRC


University lecturers and professors from the Republic of Korea, China, Japan and Mongolia who are interested in IHL and are specializing in IHL and/or other related matters, such as human rights, international criminal law, international relations and international politics are encouraged to apply.


The program will be conducted in English and will comprise lectures, case studies and group discussions.


The ICRC Delegation in Tokyo is pleased to call for applications to the training course from university lecturers specialized in law and similar disciplines such as human rights, international relations and international politics from Japan. Available slots for the course from Japan is limited to selected two (2) participants.

There is no fee for the course or course materials. The expenses for accommodation and travel to/from Seoul shall be covered by the participants.

To apply, please send a completed Registration Form by 21 July 2018 to:

Download the program file from here.