Public Seminar: Humanitarian Forensics – Application Today and Emerging Challenges


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When people die during wars or disasters, or while migrating, their bodies must be handled respectfully and with dignity; and the remains of unknown individuals must be searched for, recovered and identified. Humanitarian work has come to include these tasks, for which forensic science offers matchless tools and expertise.


Above: J. Cornejo/ICRC Below: V. De Viguerie/Getty Images/ICRC

In this seminar, Oran Finegan, Head of Forensic Unit, Protection Division, International Committee of the Red Cross, will provide overview of the work of the ICRC in forensics and how this is applied to the humanitarian sphere globally by giving practical examples of its application to the missing and migration, and the management of the dead in disaster/conflict. The seminar will also highlight and discuss emerging challenges in the humanitarian sphere and the role of forensic science in addressing these such as urbanisation of conflict, protracted conflict, dealing with the dead from refugee camps, etc.

There will be questions and answers time at the end.



  • Date:   Monday, June 11, 2018, 18:00 – 19:30
  • Venue:   Bldg 18, 4F Collaboration Room 1, Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo
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  • Language:   English
  • Organized by:   Graduate Program on Human Security, The University of Tokyo (HSP)
  • Co-Organized by:   International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Tokyo Mission;
    Research Center for Sustainable Peace, Institute for Advanced Global Studies, The University of Tokyo (IAGS)
  • Lecturer:   Oran Finegan, Head of Forensic Unit, Protection Division, International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Registration:   Prior registration is encouraged to ensure the space from the website below.
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Program outline and overview

Humanitarian Forensics Program Uni of Tokyo



公開セミナー: 人道的見地から見る法医学– 今日そして新たな課題への対応






  • 日時:2018年6月11日(月)18時~19時30分(開場:17時30分)
  • 場所:東京大学駒場キャンパス18号館4Fコラボレーションルーム 1
  • 使用言語:英語(通訳なし)
  • 主催:東京大学大学院「人間の安全保障」プログラム(HSP)
  • 共催:東京大学グローバル地域研究機構(IAGS)持続的開発研究センター、赤十字国際委員会(ICRC)駐日事務所
  • 講演者:オラン・フィネガン ICRC保護部門法医学ユニット長
  • 参加申込方法:お席が限られていますので、事前登録をお勧めします。当日も受け付けますが、満席になり次第入場受付を終了しますので、予めご了承ください。
  • 問合せ先:東京大学HSP



Humanitarian Forensics Program Uni of Tokyo