Position Opening: Production Officer


General information on the position

  • Place of work: Tokyo
  • Working time: 40 hours per week (Full time)
  • Beginning of employment: Negotiable
  • Salary: depending on experience and confirmed skills
  • One year contract(3-5 years) to open ended contract



Under the direct supervision of the Head of Communication, the production officer produces ICRC communication/dissemination materials, creates and implements production/dissemination plans and manages online/digital matters, such as the ICRC webpage in Japanese. She/he helps relevant developing communication/dissemination strategies and tools, particularly in relation to digital and social media platforms.


Minimum required knowledge & experience

  1. Fluent in verbal and written English, and native Japanese with excellent writing skills
  2. Minimum 3 years experiences in web design, development and management, and/or public relations activities, branding, advertising, writing/editing in a consumer industry
  3. Detailed knowledge of the online environment, data communication network, and relevant software applications and IT technologies
  4. Strong interpersonal, organizational/project management and results-oriented skills
  5. Proven initiative and creativity
  6. Interest in international humanitarian work
  7. Undergraduate degree in social science/communication


Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for the production of ICRC communication/dissemination materials and the management of ICRC webpage in Japanese, the production officer:

  1. Ensures the timely production of relevant and quality communication/dissemination materials (quarterly newsletters in Japanese, text, story proposals, video footage, photographs, etc.)
  2. Manages the ICRC website in Japanese, creates online/digital outputs
  3. Participates in the conception and elaboration of communication support materials (Print, Website, Video, Exhibitions and others)
  4. Manages stocks, proper use and distribution of communication/dissemination materials
  5. Translates ICRC materials from English into Japanese and vice versa
  6. Liaises with external production agencies
  7. Ensures regular target group analysis for monitoring and impact assessment of ICRC communication activities/programs, in particular on digital and social media platforms, and proposes actions to increase their impact
  8. Contributes to communication activities and strategies and supports the organization and holding of public events (seminars, exhibitions, etc.)
  9. Participates in the reflection on the general operational activities and strategies of the ICRC Mission in Tokyo
  10. Work closely with interns/volunteers, in particular for translations and stock management


General Duties

  1. Knows the communication and general objectives and activities of ICRC Mission in Tokyo
  2. Understands the mandate of the ICRC and the principles the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement
  3. Respects ICRC security rules and applicable staff regulations
  4. May be asked to perform duties and task not covered in this job description and to provide support to other departments when necessary


How to apply

Please send your documents to tok_adm@icrc.org by 12 February 2016.

  • CV (Japanese, English)
  • Motivation letter (A4, English & Japanese)


Organization description

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organisation, whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect and assist victims of armed conflicts and other situations violence.

The ICRC Tokyo Mission mainly cooperates with the Japanese Red Cross Society, Japanese Government and civil society to promote humanitarian law, principles and issues. It does not carry out field activity in Japan.